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The Vaudeville Performers


The vaudeville performers, many you have heard of most you have not. Comedians, singers, dancers, magicians, acrobats, ventriloquist, animal acts and trapeze artist.

They came from circuses, medicine shows, repertory theatre, melodramas, cabarets, and wild west shows, while others were the local barber, butcher, hardware store owner or the town buffoon. They all had the same obsession, to entertain, amuse and make people happy.

There passion must have been a strong one, they had to give up the comfort and security of home and family, live out of a trunk in hotel rooms, spend endless hours riding in a railroad cars, all of these hardships and no guarantee of stardom or even a sustainable income.

These were the entertainers who made up the wonderful world of vaudeville.

The entertainers you may have heard of

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Those entertainers you may not have heard of

A - C
Abbott and Costello
Bud Abbott
Gracie Allen
Milton Berle
Burns and Allen
Gracy Allen
George Burns
Imogene Coca
Lou Costello
D - H
Davis Dancing Dollies
Don D, Davis
Pearl G. Davis
Sammy Davis Jr.
Buddy Ebsen
John W (Doc) Fancher
Pearl G. Fancher
Eddie Foy
J. C. Flippen
Cary Grant
Oliver Hardy
Harry Houdini
J - R
Al Jolson
Buster Keaton
Laurel and Hardy
Stan Laurel
Harold Lloyd
Ginger Rogers
Will Rogers
Irene Ryan
Tim Ryan
S - Z
Seven Little Foys
Howard Thurston
Sophie Tucker
Rudy Vallée
Red Walters
Ethel Waters



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